Thursday, 24 January 2013

i got my new shoes on....

Now every girl likes a new pair shoes, some have loads others don't- like me because i usually end up buying clothes instead. As long as you have a decent black pair of shoes, boots especially-like i have my h and m Chelsea boot wedges i got back in august and cost me 30 pounds i wear them as much as possible obviouslynot now because I'd be toppling all over the place.
Recently i have heard some hype around the brand DEANDRI who are a shoe company, specifically for shoes with a stunning wooden wedge and leather top. Out of all the shoes i love the helga platform as they are not too high
 and are in a beautiful nude colour which they call blush. If i were to get them i swear i would never take them off and i don't have a pair of expensive shoes as i don't have docs or
Jeffrey Campbell's or any high end shoes brand you can think of.
              they cost £113.59 on nastygal. I also think that there so unique and can be paired with so many different things. Hopefully i will get them for next birthday or sooner if i save and i will be oozing glamour step after step!
Be sure to check their other shoes out and if you go to solestruck they have the helgas in different colours.
have a great day
daisy x


  1. pretty

  2. i know right shame there so expensive x