Thursday, 13 September 2012

At the movies

Recently i have been obsessing over chick flicks and romcoms and i have discovered some that i would love to watch or even better get on dvd. However all of these movie's will be available to see on the big screen soon.
The first film i have fallen head over heels with is 'Now is Good'. This film caught my eye when on youtube and it came up in the adverts(just before the video) however this turned to be a good thing as i saw Kaya Scodelario a.k.a the wonderful effy from skins(that series was truly amazing). I then looked at the trailer and omg i couldn't love it any more than i allready do. When Tessa recieves some bad news she does her best to take life by both hands and live like she never has before which includes a lot of recklessness very fast which makes the movie so fun. I love the contrast. It also involves a love story and is a very relatable film for teenagers or just an inspiring and indeering film for anyone. I just love the story line its not like anything ive heard before. It stars Dakota fanning who looks absoluley amazing despite me never watching any of her previous films and i'm sure kaya will be amazing too. Plus the love interest is a hottie too even more amazing. Originally a book it is now a film and i'm sure its a fantastic book considering what it looks like on screen, i really admire the author for creating such a different, wild and adorable book. I can definatley see why it was turned into a film. The characters look so relatable aswell. It's a definate all rounder of a film.It comes out later this month... i think look out for it xx more films coming soonxx

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