Tuesday, 23 April 2013

an apology

sorry for the infrequent blog posts i am studying for my gcse's at the moment so normal (more frequent) blogging should resume at the start of june.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Diaries ?

hi guys,
After watching the likes of My mad fat diary and imagine-beyonce-life is but a dream, i have realised how important getting your feelings out is, especially if they are clouding your judgement or your not one for talking about your troubles. It can allow you to reflect on whats bothering you, make sense of whats going on and that what your thinking is or isn't that crazy, as well as actually getting it out of your system and consequently feeling that sigh of relief. It just feels that bit better, like you not stupid or alone.
Like in my mad fat diary, she writes things down, everything including other people with drawings also. Though she may have been in a mental hospital i still feel that writing things down and expressing yourself is good for absolutely everyone. Writing things down can be a bit of effort but afterwards you can see what was/is troubling you, allowing you to reflect. It becomes you own little world, a comfort.
If your always on your computer and would prefer to talk i suggest doing what beyonce does(I'm not trying to be like a celebrity, this is genuinely a good idea). The idea is that you use your web cam as a way of getting your feelings out and saying it out aloud makes it feel more real and as if the problems are actually leaving you and make more sense. Watching it back can be good to see how you were feeling in terms of what you looked like and your mood. It definitely feels as if the problems left you or made it better and that what you thinking is/isn't stupid. It's all very therapeutic.
So i really hoped this helped and gave you some inspiration.
Are you going to try this? x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Time warp :s

As a youngster i only really knew of one band and i loved them to pieces and still do. I watched all their tv programmes and films when they popped up on the telly. So i thought this post to help you get to know me and delve into my childhood a bit. Unfortunatley i never went to one of their concerts but i still listen to their music, it makes me super happy. I think the band were so lovely and i love all of them.
So i was born in the 90's that should give you a good guess, there were 7 members, have you guessed yet........Yep its S club 7 !
Heres one of my fave songs of theirs and hope this makes you think of any happy memories from your childhood.
Who were your fave band as a kid ?
thanks for reading
daisy x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Home sweet home

hi people,
Recently i have been aquainted with the process of having to move house and for some strange reason i associate moving house with moving away because i have only really lived locally except for the one time me and family took the plunge to try a more countryside feel. I loved it there, everything seemed so calm and simple.
The reason for the move now to a bungalow conversion  on a hill is because my mum has always wanted a house that feels like a home as we quickly out grew our family home and have since been renting. Our family home was one of those houses with the steep stairs although that house will always hold memories and its not too far from where i live now.
You may be thinking why are you living in a bungalow (ahh the memories of dick and dom in the bungalow,haha) well to be quite honest with my lovely readers is that it isn't all that small and my imaginative mother has a dream of turning this so called shack into a palace with the help of some extra walls here and there. I think its fair to say she has been watching too and i exagerate on too much grand designs but i have to admit i do love a bit of grand designs. Its amazing what you can do with a few carefully placed materials, hey. 
I am totally aware of what moving house can do in terms of not feeling comfortable but as for the recent move things are looking up. At first i thought the bungalow/house was horrible a kind of messed up hansel and gretel house if you get my drift, but now that we are in i feel much more at peace and its nice to have all your things everywhere, that defo helps. I can't wait till i can actually decorate my room after the building work is done, oh what a joyeous day that will be and i already have a plan, me .... a plan.... already .....yes!
In terms of the stress as a 15 year old girl i just wanted all my things to arrive safely and to get my room sorted out. As you can probably tell i like to feel comfortable in my surroundings especially my own home and i can definitley say i am happy now in a house i can truly call my HOME! To be honest in terms of stress on my mum and dads side i hope it wasn't too bad although having cardboard boxes everywhere is very fustrating! i am also a big believer in relaxing and not worrying over anything  even moving house, things are only stressful if you make it stressful. I hope i can always be a calm and rationally minded person who people can talk to about anything.
I hope you enjoyed this more personal, lifestyle-e post
thankyou for reading, feel free to leave a comment
daisy x

Friday, 1 February 2013

Current music favourites

Hi fellow people here is just a little post full of songs i have been loving recently.
coldplay-gravity// One republic-if i lose myself//Ellie goulding-explosions// Tori kelly- pretty young thing// Shannon Saunders- heart of blue// The saturdays-what about us/
What have been your fave songs recently? What do you think of these?
have a good day
daisy x

My mad fat diary

My mad fat diary is a programme that has started on e4. Its all about the diary of Rae Earl, a girl who has recently left a mental health unit and is now trying to find her feet. It is both a emotionally moving and funny programme to watch. 

I love programmes like these, ones that are inspiring and trying to enlighten people with the help of characters like Rae Erl. Its so different to anything I've seen before the only thing i could possibly find similar to it is skins. I do love e4 for all their amazing programmes.

All of the actors are amazing and all though Rae is the main character the others are played so well. i honestly treat the people like how i see you definitely can't tell there acting. The characters fit into the story so well.They all have different personalities. It is also wonderfully written and i can't think of a bad thing to say about it.

The programme is very honest probably because it is told from a diary perspective and that's what makes it so personal for Rae and the viewer. I haven't read the book and now I'm scared to because I'm worried it won't live up to my expectations. I also find it very relatable because i too am now a teenager and although it is set in the 90's i love it because i love the 90's and it puts a different spin on things. It covers so many troubles and i love how she always goes back to the hospital and we get to see what it is like because it makes you feel privileged to be allowed so far into someones life. I also like her relationship with her counsellor they seem to get on so well and have a bit of banter but still seem to be able to talk about stuff that matters. Some of the show consists of Rae being on her own and giving a voice over which i find very endearing and more relatable.

This show has become so special to me and its only had 3 episodes that's what i love too they seem to fit so much into just one hour and there are only 3 episodes left, i will have to keep re watching it though. This programme isn't a fairytale there are sad bits and awkward and it makes you feel accepted and not as much of a weirdo. i hope people are enjoying it as much as i do. I love you Rae! (did i mention fins a total hottie!)
Thanks for reading 
daisy x

What do you guys think about the show?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

i got my new shoes on....

Now every girl likes a new pair shoes, some have loads others don't- like me because i usually end up buying clothes instead. As long as you have a decent black pair of shoes, boots especially-like i have my h and m Chelsea boot wedges i got back in august and cost me 30 pounds i wear them as much as possible obviouslynot now because I'd be toppling all over the place.
Recently i have heard some hype around the brand DEANDRI who are a shoe company, specifically for shoes with a stunning wooden wedge and leather top. Out of all the shoes i love the helga platform as they are not too high
 and are in a beautiful nude colour which they call blush. If i were to get them i swear i would never take them off and i don't have a pair of expensive shoes as i don't have docs or
Jeffrey Campbell's or any high end shoes brand you can think of.
              they cost £113.59 on nastygal. I also think that there so unique and can be paired with so many different things. Hopefully i will get them for next birthday or sooner if i save and i will be oozing glamour step after step!
Be sure to check their other shoes out and if you go to solestruck they have the helgas in different colours.
have a great day
daisy x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just a quick note....

Just to let my readers know i have changed the name of my blog as i think it now sounds better.
thanks for reading
daisy x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My favourite song quote

I was listening to the new song by the band LAWSON called LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN, (go check it out) and it has a great line in it that i thought so positive and touching and it was-The journey waits for no one if no one breaks the mould- and its so true, this line can be taken as you want it doesn't have to relate to love, its personal. For me it means exactly what it says.
I hope this has brought you some inspiration. i love blogs that talk about lifestyle and positivity so i want to do the same thing in my own way.
Hope the weathers not too bad wherever you are
daisy x

How to blog, a helping hand for you and me

This is as much advice to you readers out there, hello btw, as it is as advice for myself, like a little note i can refer to when I'm stuck for inspiration or finding it hard to know what to write.
I have only had a few posts up but I'm hoping that my blog will last forever with a few acceptions that is. I don't want to be beaten by pressure from other bloggers. Blogging is about self expression and is something anyone can do about anything, there are no limits. Personally i want my blog to be about fashion, films, music, lifestyle and beauty. I think blogging will be good for me as at this point in my life as a 15 year old teenager it is good to have something to focus on away from school, its like a little journal of self discovery and expression and unbelievably it could be a career choice for me. I like the idea of having no rules and not having someone telling me what to do and moaning at me. I think i'll always be happy doing blogging because i am doing something that i enjoy.
I don't have twitter and don't like using facebook so my blog is my main expression apart from tumblr and frankly i love the concept of blogging.
So here are some tips for you and me on how to blog!;)
-Add pictures to any necessary blog post, it makes the page look and feel more interesting
-Delegate a notebook especially for blogging to jot any notes and ideas down so you don't forget and can expand those ideas
-In your blogging notebook you can always write out a tester of what you want as a blog post and then you can easily change it and make it the best it can be
-Try and make your blog posts as frequent as possible but don't feel pressured its supposed to be fun!
-Try and be unique and come up with new ideas and most importantly be yourself
-Leave a little introduction in the side bar about you and your blog
- Make sure to take advantage of the spellcheck
-Follow other blogs to see what everyone else is doing for inspiration and get involved in the blogging community
if anyone has anymore tips then be sure to leave them below, hoped this helped x

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Recently i was cruising through pinterest and i came across these 3 inspirational phrases and thought it would be a good idea to share them. They would make great tattoos as well. I think pinterest is great because unlike tumblr it keeps everything in one place. My link is in the side bar. Enjoy and hope your having a great day.
daisy x


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hi guys and a happy new year! What a cheery start to this post. I have recently been inspired by the amount of blogposts and you tube videos on new years resolutions and new beginnings. Admittedly 2013 doesn't sound good but i personally have a good feeling about this year. Things can only get better, right? I have never properly made new years resolutions i can just remember people going on about chocolate and how depressing the whole thing sounded. Hopefully this post will set me up for a good amount of blogposts as i known that i have been a bit MIA (not really sure what this means it is mrs' unavailable isn't it :/ ha ha.) but to be perfectly honest i just haven't been feeling like it really and i am passionate about blogging and what to express and show that through the means of writing and make this a positive place for both me and you. So here we go !
I have made a list and I'm going to share them with you.
-Drink more water-
I know water isn't the most tastiest of drinks and being a 15 year old teenager i doubt many people my age actually care about things like apart from a few girls as we like to look after our beloved skin. I also just what to feel healthy and be full of energy. I do drink quite a lot of water anyway but i want to be able to keep it up as it will make me feel better and i actually maybe quite weirdly enjoy drinking water i find it quite refreshing.
-Eating healthier-
I'm definitely not the biggest fan of sport but i did somehow find myself enjoying the Olympics this year. yay! Instead or as well as trying to exercise i want to be able to control what i eat more by swapping the bad for the good. I will admit at this moment in time (whitney alert) i am not feeling my best not only do i feel a bit tubby ( i refuse to use the f word, only code words aloud!:)) i do feel unhealthy and i am going through a bit of a rough patch at the minute and want to perk myself up in as many ways as i can.
Like i said in the healthy eating section i'm not the biggest fan of exercise but i do want to be healthier and i think excercising will give me something to focus on and make my mood lift what with all the endorphins. I have never liked sport and i certainly hate running in front of people and i can barely run a few hundred yards so hopefully i can do some walking or/and do some Pilate's and yoga classes and they aren't as frantic as running and i can't join a gym yet as i am only 15. what a shame haha.
-Skin and hair care-
As a beauty lover i really want to be able to maintain a healthy skin and hair care routine. My skin is awful as in it is both dry and oily because i have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks which basically just makes me feel dirty. As for my hair it is quite fine and very damaged for all the time i spent straightening it but since my operation on my ears (which i had during October but i'm not that up for writing or talking about it but maybe later, who knows)i have become more confident and absolutely adore being able to wear my hair up.
-Read more-
I definitely used to be into reading the gossip mags but now not so much i might go as far to say as i hate them because all they do is spread negativity and bitchiness but it is quite addictive so i do tend to look on the intern et but hopefully i will never buy another OK magazine again! i much prefer the old company magazine its got much more variety and my grandma buys the teenage mag like bliss its like a tradition every Friday me my brother and sister go round for dinner and she'll kindly buy as a magazine each and those magazines are far less bitchy. As well as continuing to stay on the less bitchy side of the magazines i also want to start reading more books. I received 2 autobiographies for Christmas by Miranda and the other by David walliams so they will hopefully keep me busy. I don't mind autobiographies i actually find them really interesting just like i love a good documentary on channel 4. haha. I myself purchased a book called 'the fault in our stars' by 'John Green'. i have already read a lot of it and will hopefully get round to doing a review. Books just seem more intelligent and i want to widen my book collection. What with the world being a technology frenzy( that reminds me of g-force the film about the guinea pigs that i watched today haha) and i want to maintain a good book collection also.
-Go to sleep earlier-
I am absolutely guilty of staying up all night on my laptop all night so here's to going to bed at 11 at the latest. I also want to be able to wake up bright and early in the morning and not have wasted half of my day.
-Be more positive and sociable-
Unfortunately what with going through a rubbish time i genuinely want to make this year count and to become less of a worrier. i want to be able to not think of all the bad things that can happen and to be able to find the positive in what i'm going through and in any other situation i find myself in and to make the most of things. Hopefully going out more and being able to find the strength to do so will help me also.
p.s i am going to try and cut celebrity big brother out of my life as it can get a bit depressing so hopefully i can stick to that easy yet hard task as i am a big fan!
I love doing lifestyle posts, sorry if this was a bit long.
Let me know what your new year resolutions are!
happy 2013
love daisy x
sorry there are no photos its not working:(