Friday, 1 February 2013

My mad fat diary

My mad fat diary is a programme that has started on e4. Its all about the diary of Rae Earl, a girl who has recently left a mental health unit and is now trying to find her feet. It is both a emotionally moving and funny programme to watch. 

I love programmes like these, ones that are inspiring and trying to enlighten people with the help of characters like Rae Erl. Its so different to anything I've seen before the only thing i could possibly find similar to it is skins. I do love e4 for all their amazing programmes.

All of the actors are amazing and all though Rae is the main character the others are played so well. i honestly treat the people like how i see you definitely can't tell there acting. The characters fit into the story so well.They all have different personalities. It is also wonderfully written and i can't think of a bad thing to say about it.

The programme is very honest probably because it is told from a diary perspective and that's what makes it so personal for Rae and the viewer. I haven't read the book and now I'm scared to because I'm worried it won't live up to my expectations. I also find it very relatable because i too am now a teenager and although it is set in the 90's i love it because i love the 90's and it puts a different spin on things. It covers so many troubles and i love how she always goes back to the hospital and we get to see what it is like because it makes you feel privileged to be allowed so far into someones life. I also like her relationship with her counsellor they seem to get on so well and have a bit of banter but still seem to be able to talk about stuff that matters. Some of the show consists of Rae being on her own and giving a voice over which i find very endearing and more relatable.

This show has become so special to me and its only had 3 episodes that's what i love too they seem to fit so much into just one hour and there are only 3 episodes left, i will have to keep re watching it though. This programme isn't a fairytale there are sad bits and awkward and it makes you feel accepted and not as much of a weirdo. i hope people are enjoying it as much as i do. I love you Rae! (did i mention fins a total hottie!)
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What do you guys think about the show?

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