Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tips and tricks

Hi guys i have a new post for you today. I'm on a roll.
I have been gathering ideas how to add little and effective ways to improve an outfit and here it is. Enjoyx

-Roll up ends of trousers, shirts and jackets. This tip is good if you want to achieve a cool and casual look.
-Buying a bigger a size is a great tip because it gives a totally different effect than a tighter top would as in i've tried but not too hard. It produces a very relaxed outfit. It fits in well with grunge and boho looks too.

-Some may say that trainers are not fashionable and that the days of wearing trainers are over after the playground days are finished and should are only acceptable at the gym. For me trainers are a must have, a definite staple item, they look stylish, can add a twist to a girly outfit, make an outfit look more urban and casual. If you having a lazy day you can always get away with wearing a comfy and cheeky trainer. I do tend to gravitate to the branded trainer such as nike and converse. These two are defo my favourites.

-Not everyone has the confidence to wear a hat but its a fun way to make a statement and change an outfit up. You'll look instantly trendy.

-Experimenting with the colours and lengths can make an outfit. So go buy some ankle ones with frills for a vintage look, over the knee socks or even knee high socks.

-Layering necklaces always adds a unique twist to an outfit especially if there is some chunky chains mixed in with some dainty necklaces.

-Tucking t-shirts into trousers, shorts or skirts makes an oufit look more put together and more vintage looking.

-A hippy headband is a great way to accesorise an outfit and one of my favourites whether its colourful or simple that always look awesome.

-Lastly, to make a vintage look even more vintage add a brooch to make it look a bit more personal and indeering.

thanks for reading

Lots of love daisyx

Monday, 19 November 2012

tag time-get to know me tag !Part 1

So i thought as i am a new blogger it would be a good idea to do this tag and will let you know more about me. I got the tag off of youtube and here goes!
Vital stats-
Name-Daisy if you hadn't already guessed by the name of my blog
dais (pronounced "days" the spelling of the other one looks a bit weird)
its just a short version of my name. To be honest thats it oh and my parents have weird nicknames for me aswell but i can't remember all of them.
My birthday is the 1/8/1997 making me 15 and one of the youngest people in my year.
Place of birth-i was born in kent ,south east london.
Star sign-
Leo and im really not sure that suits me because leo's are suppossed to be confident and like a leader which i am in no way like at all.
As for my occupation guess you could say im a blogger but primarily im a student at secondary school and next year i'll be going to sixth form or college. For my options i chose art,textiles,french and history.
Appearence-Allthough there are no pictures of me on my blog but im just looking for a decent camera to use. I should have one after christmas.
Hair colour-brown
Hair length-medium length
Eye colour-
blue with a bit of green, i love the colour of my eyes.
Best feature-i don't know really know apart from the colour of my eyes i would say my lips.
yes unfortunatley but i never notice there on unless i smile and catch a glimpse of them and i still wear lipstick with my braces. i have clear bands and my braces should be coming off in about 6 months.
i have no piercings but i do want my ears pierced two on each lobe because i have had an operation so i cant pierce my cartalage but if i wanted to i could pierce my tragus which i also want done. I also want my nose pierced at some pierced. Apart from that nothing else. I'm a bit scared that i'll get left with scars.
I currently have none because i'm only 15 and would never consider getting one underage because of all the different issues but i do plan on getting some.
Righty or lefty-
I'm a righty and i dont understand how people can right with their left hand it seems impossible to me.
Best friend-Louise, i met her at playgroup, i think, but i unfortunatley we didn't stay in contact.
Award-Primary school for something but i don't know what every week in assembly a few people would recieve a certificate i just can't remember mine:(
Ballet i used to do at like 5 and gave it up a few times till i finally gave it up at the end of year 6. I wish i had continued to do it or taken up another dance.
Real holiday-
The first real holiday i can remember is butlins a classic, it was amazing and im currently saying that at 15 years old but it was. I saw the cast of noddy, dressed up in costumes obviously and i wore these shoes called doodles, loved them. I went with my mum,dad and sister.
Unfortunatley my first concert was rihanna and it was awful i couldnt hear her singing because she couldn't sing and the music was too loud. Since then i've been to see the wanted and coldplay and for me the wanted were best but i do love coldplay its just their concert had an open roof which was just so weird and it was in a stadium and i'd never been to see someone at a stadium before.
Make sure you look out for my next edition of the get to know me tag because i think its a bit too long. Hope you enjoyed and are having a great day.xdaisyx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Feeling glum?

hi guys.
Ever thought winter was a bit boring and miserable why not inject a bit of happiness with some bright colours. not only will it cheer you up in the cold winter months you will appear like a daring, confident fashionista looking reminiscent of the awesome 80's. You could add a bright colour to the lips like a bright pink -i have one from topshop which is still available, in brighton rock-.
Painting the nails is a also a good choice why not try a vibrant yellow because a girls always got to have her nails done and this way its more subtle and gives an interesting twist to a look, focusing the eye somewhere different.
But if you want to go the whole way why not buy a bright jumper stylish and weather friendly.Its always nice to have a bright block colour in an outfit. Why not try something new and be daring. i hope i have given some style inspo and don't let the winter get you down and make you stop wearing bright colours.
daisy xxsmiles

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Style icon-Claudia winkleman

Todays post is about the lovely claudia winkleman.She is a tv and radio personality whos had a very successful career starting back in the 90's. I have always admired her for her distinct fashion and personal appearence. I love the way her make-up is always matt and her eyes always have black eyeliner around them. Her hair is also very distinct it is always short with a fringe and very choppy, sharp and blunt. She hasn't changed the colour. For me she has totally made a statment that seperates her from anyone else but it is very laid back and simple.i look to her for inspiration whether that be her make-up or fashion. Her fashion always tends to be quite tailored or floaty and glamorous. Block colours are another thing she is seen in. If she is not in a bright block colour most of the colours she wears will be quite neautral. i would normally associate her with black clothing. She is definitley one of my icons.
Hope you enjoyed this post and that you too can take some inspiration from it x