Saturday, 10 November 2012

Style icon-Claudia winkleman

Todays post is about the lovely claudia winkleman.She is a tv and radio personality whos had a very successful career starting back in the 90's. I have always admired her for her distinct fashion and personal appearence. I love the way her make-up is always matt and her eyes always have black eyeliner around them. Her hair is also very distinct it is always short with a fringe and very choppy, sharp and blunt. She hasn't changed the colour. For me she has totally made a statment that seperates her from anyone else but it is very laid back and simple.i look to her for inspiration whether that be her make-up or fashion. Her fashion always tends to be quite tailored or floaty and glamorous. Block colours are another thing she is seen in. If she is not in a bright block colour most of the colours she wears will be quite neautral. i would normally associate her with black clothing. She is definitley one of my icons.
Hope you enjoyed this post and that you too can take some inspiration from it x

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