Sunday, 28 October 2012

descisions, descisions, descisions


Now everyone comes to a point in their lives when they will try and decide what career that want to do and i have come to that point just about now. I just don't what to be one of those people who wallows in regret because they didnt try out things or do what they wanted to do. i cant decide what i want to do i have never had an exact route of where i want my life to take me.

I am currently deciding whether to go to a college or a college that specialises in beauty where i could study theatrical make up not sixth form it just seems boring to me. although theatrical makeup sounds oh so interesting i dont know how i would actually find it or whether i would want to persue it as an actual job. If i were to do theatrical make up i would be going to college 2 days a week and i then get a job for money and experience. But if it was not to work out i would have to go to another college and do my a-levels which is a bit of a hassle and i would then go to college being a year older than everyone because the theatrical makeup course only goes on for so long.
i could always do theatrical make up in a gap year though. I do want to travel so it would be a 2 year gap year. There are companies that do volunteering and you get to travel all over the world. That would be an experience!
 I suppose it makes more sense to have a gap year after college than before.

As for uni i want to study law and journalism but i dont want to be a gossipy bullshity journalist i dont understand how that counts as interesting or a job. Law would be really difficult and you have to do even more studying after uni and i dont know what job i would actually do with that degree. These are the only kind of ideas i have for a career.
Aside from all that i would like to continue my blog regardless of what career path i take. Other less planned or practical ideas include opening my own shop, being an intern at company and working in the music business.
Hope you found this post interesting and will let you know what i decide. lots of love daisy xx

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