Thursday, 18 October 2012

Style inspiration

I wouldn't say i have a specific style inspiration and if i were to list them all it would be a pretty long list. But there is always one place i can look to get some inspiration that isn't neccesarily on trend because I always like to try different looks. Skins is the best place ever to look at for inspo as there are many people with different looks. Effy had the whole grunge thing going on, liv was very vintage with a nod to the 90's and mini was also vintage with a more 80's direction. I also think frankie's fashion got really good during the middle to end of skins series 6. Of course there were other females in skins but these 4 are by far the best in my eyes.There all so different but i love them all the same.Skins is always a programme that hasn't been afraid to be different and this is definitley reflected in the fashion. All of the characters clothes seem to suit them really well because they reflect each characters personality. Hopefully this can help some of you out too, who also like trying new things or are looking for a new fashion direction. As for my style i would describe it as playful and girly, i also like to mix and match things. xx
Here are some pics of my favourite outfits.

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