Saturday, 20 October 2012

Stop and stare!

Hi there this post is just about a few shop recommendations mostly online shops.
-First is a home acessories store full of lovely vintage bits and bobs like photo frames and cute storage boxes which i have that currently stors some of my smaller bits of jewellery and my nail varnishes. I would definitley go check it out if your looking to add something special to a room.

-Next is  oh my love which has some of the best clothing items i have ever seen. They have some real statement pieces like this amazing fringed skirt that i want so bad. There is also a few quirky pieces thrown in there. This is now one of my fave stores, a shop to regularly check out. You can also find them at topshop.
-The pretty junk is one for those who love a bit of tye dye and sequin  with a whole range of fantastic pieces that are all so unique. There is also bold prints and vintage looking pieces. So be sure to stop and stare and that amazing clothes.
Image of Rust Tie-Dye Dress

-Skull duggery oozes grunge and toughness. Its an online store set up by a fellow blogger and youtuber with most pieces being handmade and i totally love what she has created. With tye-dye t-shirts and cool jumpers you will look awesome. They also have some jewellery to add to your outfits.
Image of Royal Stewart Tartan Sweater

- Purely made up of accesories love hearts and crosses has the biggest stock of jewellery ever and has something for everyone.Whether you want some simple bracelets or a brightly coloured necklace love hearts and crosses is the place to be.

-Last but not least is a topshop brand thats called tee and cake that stocks cool quote tees and totally one of a kind designs.It will be the talking point of your outfit. You can get them online but im not too sure about in store.

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