Friday, 5 October 2012

whats that i hear ?

Hi everyone todays post is about new artists and songs i have discovered and are loving or rediscovering them. I love music and everyone does whether their taste is different or not. I absoluley love Jessie ware, a quirky singer with fresh music she sounds amazing. I especially love wildest moments which is my fave. Not only is her music unique her voice is greatly uunique too.

My other artist is Gabrielle aplin her voice is literally perfect and also brings something new to music. She has a kind of indie/folk elements to her music. My fave song of hers is Please don't say you love me it reverses the role of what some may say is an typical opinion of a wild boyfriend, this song is very special.

Another artist is Lianne la havas who i have seen on music programmes such as freshly squeezed and i adore her single is your love big enough, i think she is a great songwriter with great ideas with a voice that oozes soul and strength. I also love one of her songs called lost and found which is very heartfelt definitley a ballad.

As for rediscovering artists i have been listening to charlie simpson. I bought his album ages ago and have just recently been listening to him on youtube. He writes his own songs and plays guitar his song titles seem so interesting. I totally love him and respect him for his musical achievements and verstility. As i mentioned i love the guitar elements of his music he is very folk. Plus i love paloma faith aswell.

The singles i have been loving have come from skins, Series 5 and 6... I think. I love the music they use with the acting the two blend so well and most are undiscovered aswell which i love they have managed to discover great music.

The first single is called they just don't give a fuck by phoenixunique ft elida benjamin. This track is definitley a hip hop one full of raping with a great chorus. i love the element a female voice gives it.

The next one is desire by anna calvi purely beautiful, i love it definitley creates a picture in your mind. She plays guitar and is a folks singer.

Candy by robbie williams is awesome like nothing i have ever heard especially from him, he is definitley getting better and it has kaya in from skins, i love her. The songs just sounds amazing and suits his voice really well. It definitley makes you wanna get up a dance.

Hope you enjoyed, i love music and thought id share my recent loves with you and as yo can see i have lots of different people i love and i love undiscovered and unique people.

We are a mess, we are failures and we love it- skins series 5
bye xx

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