Saturday, 17 November 2012

Feeling glum?

hi guys.
Ever thought winter was a bit boring and miserable why not inject a bit of happiness with some bright colours. not only will it cheer you up in the cold winter months you will appear like a daring, confident fashionista looking reminiscent of the awesome 80's. You could add a bright colour to the lips like a bright pink -i have one from topshop which is still available, in brighton rock-.
Painting the nails is a also a good choice why not try a vibrant yellow because a girls always got to have her nails done and this way its more subtle and gives an interesting twist to a look, focusing the eye somewhere different.
But if you want to go the whole way why not buy a bright jumper stylish and weather friendly.Its always nice to have a bright block colour in an outfit. Why not try something new and be daring. i hope i have given some style inspo and don't let the winter get you down and make you stop wearing bright colours.
daisy xxsmiles

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