Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Diaries ?

hi guys,
After watching the likes of My mad fat diary and imagine-beyonce-life is but a dream, i have realised how important getting your feelings out is, especially if they are clouding your judgement or your not one for talking about your troubles. It can allow you to reflect on whats bothering you, make sense of whats going on and that what your thinking is or isn't that crazy, as well as actually getting it out of your system and consequently feeling that sigh of relief. It just feels that bit better, like you not stupid or alone.
Like in my mad fat diary, she writes things down, everything including other people with drawings also. Though she may have been in a mental hospital i still feel that writing things down and expressing yourself is good for absolutely everyone. Writing things down can be a bit of effort but afterwards you can see what was/is troubling you, allowing you to reflect. It becomes you own little world, a comfort.
If your always on your computer and would prefer to talk i suggest doing what beyonce does(I'm not trying to be like a celebrity, this is genuinely a good idea). The idea is that you use your web cam as a way of getting your feelings out and saying it out aloud makes it feel more real and as if the problems are actually leaving you and make more sense. Watching it back can be good to see how you were feeling in terms of what you looked like and your mood. It definitely feels as if the problems left you or made it better and that what you thinking is/isn't stupid. It's all very therapeutic.
So i really hoped this helped and gave you some inspiration.
Are you going to try this? x

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