Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How to blog, a helping hand for you and me

This is as much advice to you readers out there, hello btw, as it is as advice for myself, like a little note i can refer to when I'm stuck for inspiration or finding it hard to know what to write.
I have only had a few posts up but I'm hoping that my blog will last forever with a few acceptions that is. I don't want to be beaten by pressure from other bloggers. Blogging is about self expression and is something anyone can do about anything, there are no limits. Personally i want my blog to be about fashion, films, music, lifestyle and beauty. I think blogging will be good for me as at this point in my life as a 15 year old teenager it is good to have something to focus on away from school, its like a little journal of self discovery and expression and unbelievably it could be a career choice for me. I like the idea of having no rules and not having someone telling me what to do and moaning at me. I think i'll always be happy doing blogging because i am doing something that i enjoy.
I don't have twitter and don't like using facebook so my blog is my main expression apart from tumblr and frankly i love the concept of blogging.
So here are some tips for you and me on how to blog!;)
-Add pictures to any necessary blog post, it makes the page look and feel more interesting
-Delegate a notebook especially for blogging to jot any notes and ideas down so you don't forget and can expand those ideas
-In your blogging notebook you can always write out a tester of what you want as a blog post and then you can easily change it and make it the best it can be
-Try and make your blog posts as frequent as possible but don't feel pressured its supposed to be fun!
-Try and be unique and come up with new ideas and most importantly be yourself
-Leave a little introduction in the side bar about you and your blog
- Make sure to take advantage of the spellcheck
-Follow other blogs to see what everyone else is doing for inspiration and get involved in the blogging community
if anyone has anymore tips then be sure to leave them below, hoped this helped x

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