Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Home sweet home

hi people,
Recently i have been aquainted with the process of having to move house and for some strange reason i associate moving house with moving away because i have only really lived locally except for the one time me and family took the plunge to try a more countryside feel. I loved it there, everything seemed so calm and simple.
The reason for the move now to a bungalow conversion  on a hill is because my mum has always wanted a house that feels like a home as we quickly out grew our family home and have since been renting. Our family home was one of those houses with the steep stairs although that house will always hold memories and its not too far from where i live now.
You may be thinking why are you living in a bungalow (ahh the memories of dick and dom in the bungalow,haha) well to be quite honest with my lovely readers is that it isn't all that small and my imaginative mother has a dream of turning this so called shack into a palace with the help of some extra walls here and there. I think its fair to say she has been watching too and i exagerate on too much grand designs but i have to admit i do love a bit of grand designs. Its amazing what you can do with a few carefully placed materials, hey. 
I am totally aware of what moving house can do in terms of not feeling comfortable but as for the recent move things are looking up. At first i thought the bungalow/house was horrible a kind of messed up hansel and gretel house if you get my drift, but now that we are in i feel much more at peace and its nice to have all your things everywhere, that defo helps. I can't wait till i can actually decorate my room after the building work is done, oh what a joyeous day that will be and i already have a plan, me .... a plan.... already .....yes!
In terms of the stress as a 15 year old girl i just wanted all my things to arrive safely and to get my room sorted out. As you can probably tell i like to feel comfortable in my surroundings especially my own home and i can definitley say i am happy now in a house i can truly call my HOME! To be honest in terms of stress on my mum and dads side i hope it wasn't too bad although having cardboard boxes everywhere is very fustrating! i am also a big believer in relaxing and not worrying over anything  even moving house, things are only stressful if you make it stressful. I hope i can always be a calm and rationally minded person who people can talk to about anything.
I hope you enjoyed this more personal, lifestyle-e post
thankyou for reading, feel free to leave a comment
daisy x


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    1. thankyou, your blogs really nice and thanks for the note about the giveaway so sweet x