Monday, 15 October 2012


Usually people are wanting to tame there brows but thick are becoming a trend. For me i love thick eyebrows they look so nice. i also like a pinup eyebrow but never a thin one. I would love to have eyebrows like effy from skins, they suit her so well and make her look all the more prettier. So to grow out my brows i have discovered a new trick which is to apply olive oil to your brows at night before you go to bed and remove in the morning. This trick saves money and is a good way to get those brows growing. It works by giving the brows moisture allowing them to grow.
Hope this helps xx


  1. she's so pretty and yes, she has perfect eyebrows :) love her eyes too! xx

  2. i know she is just really pretty, thanx for the comment hunxx much appreciated xx